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Internally You was started as an expression of self-love by T. Lenell, the author of Girl in The Mirror. Building on her experiences, she realized that the problems she vanquished with her spirituality were not only her own. Millions around the world face similar situations in their lives. She decided to help others the way she was able to help herself. The products sold by Internally You go along with a journey that she wants to share with you - a journey that might be just what you need to push back the negativity in your life. Self-love can get your life back under control, try the magic today

We envision a world where people are able to feel their souls and ascend their bodily limitations to get them onto the path of improvement. At Internally You, we aim to transform people’s lives for a better and happier tomorrow. Our products are carefully designed for what’s most important to us: you.

Internally You is an effort to spread the power of self-love. Our modern lives demand superhuman levels of effort and concentration which leave our souls empty and bruised. It’s about time that you find a way out of your worries following the path and experiences of the founder, T. Lenell.

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